Prep TV offers a video library unlike any other

For parents, family members, and educators of individuals with special needs, PREP Group TV is the answer you have been looking for. A growing video library of evidence-based, proven techniques, trainings, and quick tips aimed at providing hope, answers, and alternatives.

The PREP Group is an educational consultancy founded by Dr. Erickson Tomaino and Dr. Miguel, the founders, and leaders of Port View Preparatory, a nonpublic school serving children and young adults with special needs. They bring years of experience in all facets of education, special education, and intervention in order to provide an effective, collaborative, and data-driven approach for clients, families, and organizations. We strongly believe each child has every right to reach his or her fullest developmental, academic, and social potential. Providing tools to ensure that this happens is our passion and our privilege.

Odeum is very proud to help Prep TV bring their essential video library to parents and educators through a powerful app-driven experience.

Check out Prep TV at

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