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A completely branded subscription video service, with apps on every major platform at absolutely zero up-front cost.

What is Odeum

What is Odeum?

Odeum is a complete solution for launching a subscription video service. Odeum provides all the tools you need to publish and distribute video to any platform—mobile, web, and TV, as well as a complete subscription system to monetize your video content without advertising. Odeum is also completely brandable—all your subscribers will ever see is you. Easy to use, powerful tools backed by real people. <3

Why did we build it?

We love video, we love storytellers, and we are sick and tired of advertisers. We live in an unprecedented time for connecting storytellers with their audiences. We want to empower publishers big and small to connect directly with viewers with an honest approach and a sustainable business model. We are committed to the success of our publishers and standing by to help.

Why Choose Odeum?

Easy-to-use and packed with features, and that's not even the half of it.

Odeum Customizations


A look and feel as unique as you

A completely branded experience allows you to customize your website and apps with your own brand logo, images, labels, and colors.


Your apps, so many platforms

Deliver your content wherever your subscribers want it, including their TV. A full set of apps for mobile, web, and television. iOS, Android, AppleTV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, FireTV, Roku, Chromecast, and Browser.

Odeum platforms


You control your revenue model

Offer your own prices at intervals you choose, offer free trials and create coupons for marketing promotions. Simply and securely accept credit cards and in-app purchases.


Simple Content Management, Enlightening Analytics

Easily upload videos and spin them into playlists, channels, or series. Manage your subscribers, financials and more with in-depth analysis tools.


Connect in Real Time

Broadcast live video to your subscribers at any time of the day or night.  Odeum Live enables on-demand broadcasting from your mobile phone, computer, or hardware encoder straight to your branded apps and website.

Focus on content and marketing, and let Odeum handle the rest.

From payment security to video delivery, we've got your back.

Easy management
Best-in-class video platform
User-friendly subscriber experience
Customize and personalize
Odeum on devices

Start building your channel today — no credit card required.

Creating your own Subscription Video Service has never been easier

Launch your Odeum-powered platform in days with these simple steps, and start making revenue today.
We will help you through these basic steps… logical and straightforward.

Upload Your Videos

Upload videos and spin them into playlists, channels, or series.

Brand Your Channel

Add your logo, pick your colors, configure your marketing website, and welcome your subscribers.

Set Your Pricing

Create your own subscription plans, prices, and coupon codes. Select your Odeum plan, and your apps are ready to launch!

A handful of our publishers

Meet the content creators who are proving that anything is possible on Odeum.

Purple Yoga transformed how their yoga studio creates new opportunities and adapted their daily operations for a global pandemic through a powerful digital solution powered by Odeum. Offering on demand yoga, fitness, and meditation classes from the comfort of... well, anywhere.
As an alternative to the typical workout routine, FaithFit embraces a Christian perspective on fitness. Gain access to a library full of carefully curated workouts that combine great physical training with scripture-based encouragement.
Visit FaithFit
From Victoria Stilwell, one of the world's most recognized and respected dog trainers, comes Positively TV, the official channel for dog lovers!
visit positively tv
Learn tai chi at home. With hours of lessons, including detailed instructions on the 66 move White Crane form this is the modern way to learn the ancient art of Tai Chi. New lessons are added every month, so there's always something new to learn.
Learn Tai Chi
Welcome to lulu ❁ yoga - a wonderful and warm community of yogis. Gentle level classes are designed to move gently and slowly, allowing all participants to gradually increase strength and flexibility. Classes are based in the Hatha style, focusing on bringing the body, mind, and breath into harmony.
Visit Lulu Yoga TV
Home to the best indie music from around the world. New Music Lives features concerts, music videos, and documentaries across many different genres and styles.
Visit New Music Lives
Yoga Green Book believes location-independent holistic resources and an affirming community are necessary for healing and optimal health. YGB offers yoga and meditation videos that educate and empower you to be your best self. Whether you want to trim down, tone up, gain flexibility, increase your energy, or cultivate inner peace, they've got you covered.
Visit Yoga Green Book
Path 11 TV is a gateway, enriching the mind and exploring the nature of reality. Over 100 hours of thought-provoking interviews, documentaries, presentations, workshops, conferences, that study life after death, healing, consciousness, and more.
Visit Path 11 TV

Odeum pricing plans

Build your channel first, then choose which pricing plan best suits your needs.

Launch for FREE!

Growth Plan


We are the first in the industry to offer a FREE plan for startup producers with moxy. The Growth Plan gets you the complete Odeum platform with no up-front investment and tiered subscription fees that decrease as your traffic grows.*

Unlimited Bandwidth

$4 per hour of Stored Video/month
Your first hour of stored video is free

No Annual License Fee

10% Revenue Share


$2.50 per subscriber/month
for your first 100 subscribers

$1.75 per subscriber/month
for 101 to 1,000 subscribers

$1.25 per subscriber/month
for 1,001 to 10,000 subscribers

$1.00 per subscriber/month
for 10,001+ subscribers

+ transaction fees – 2.9% + $0.30
+1% for international cards

Pro Plan


For established producers ready to launch their channel today — or anyone with an audience already hungry for your content! You’ll get the complete Odeum Platform for an annual license fee with minimal ongoing fees based on subscribers and usage.

Unlimited Bandwidth

$4 per hour of Stored Video/month
Your first hour of stored video is free

$10k Annual License Fee
(or $1k/month)

No Revenue Share


$1.00 per subscriber/month

+ transaction fees – 2.9% + $0.30
+1% for international cards

* Publishers who choose the Growth Plan are subject to application review by Odeum
Do you provide a subscription-based service and want to use Odeum as an integration? Or perhaps a private network or bundled service offering? Let's talk about custom pricing.
Start building your channel today, no credit card required. Select your plan once you're ready to launch.

Have some questions?

We're not sure these questions are "frequently asked," but it's a handy way to articulate a few things. So here ya go!

How long will it take to get my apps?

Once you’ve selected your Odeum Publisher Plan, the app build process will begin. There is manual work to be done to create your apps and get them ready for submission. It can take as little as 24 hours, but it will depend on the review process and how quickly we can communicate with each other for a successful launch.

How do I get paid?

Each month, you will receive a revenue report right in the Odeum Publisher Dashboard. This will show all the revenue you’ve received and calculate the Odeum fee deductions. Payouts are done with our Stripe Connect integration and paid out within 30 days of the end of each month.

Will my subscribers know about Odeum?

It is very unlikely that they will know about Odeum at all! Your site is completely branded to you, and will appear in the app stores as whatever app name you choose, with your logo and branding. Here are the few places where a user might see the Odeum brand:

  • There is a small “powered by Odeum” graphic on the account page of our branded sites and apps.
  • The payment receipt for subscriptions may show the Odeum name — this will depend on the credit card company. In most cases this does not happen.

Still have questions? Visit the Odeum Help Center

Begin to monetize your content today

Creating your own Subscription Video Service has never been easier (or less expensive) than it is with Odeum. Don't miss out on another day of revenue!

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To provide the best service, we control the flow of new Publishers.
Request a spot now and we'll notify you as soon as your Publisher account is ready.

Request a Publisher Account

To provide the best service, we control the flow of new Publishers. Request a spot now and we'll notify you as soon as your Publisher account is ready.