A completely branded, watch-anywhere, subscription video solution.
Now in Private Beta!
Odeum Devices

What makes it awesome

Launch your very own video streaming service.
Reach subscribers on every platform - even on their TV.

Completely Branded

Customize with your own brand logo, images, labels, and colors.

Watch Anywhere

A full set of apps for mobile, web, and television. iOS. Android. AppleTV. Roku. Chromecast. Browser.

Safe & Secure

Low-friction payment forms for easy checkout and recurring billing.

Set Your Own Pricing

Offer your own prices at whatever intervals you choose and offer free trials.

No Logins

Modern tools that give effortless access with low support overhead and reduced fraud.

Device Transfer

Start watching on your TV. Finish watching on your phone.

How it works

Creating your own Subscription Video Service has never been easier, or less expensive, than it is with Odeum.

Sign Up

Create an account, jump right in, and add your logo and colors.

Add Your Video

Upload videos and spin them into playlists, channels, or series.

Set Your Prices

Create your own subscription plans, prices, and coupon codes.

Launch Your Apps

Choose your Odeum Publisher plan and your Odeum apps are ready to launch!

Some questions you might have

We're not sure these questions are "Frequently Asked", but its a handy way to articulate a few things. So here you go!

How long will it take to get my apps?

Once you've selected your Odeum Publisher Plan (there are two choices, including FREE!), the app build process will begin. There is manual work to be done to create your apps and get them ready for submission. It can take as little as 24 hours, but it will depend on the review process and how quickly we can communicate with each other for a successful launch.

Will my subscribers know about Odeum?

It is very unlikely that they will know about Odeum at all! Your site is completely branded to you, and will appear in the app stores as whatever app name you choose, and with your logo and branding.

Here are the few places where a user might see the Odeum brand.

  • There is a small "powered by Odeum" graphic on the account page of our branded sites and apps.
  • The "publisher" of the app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store is listed as "Odeum". But we think hardly anyone notices this.
  • The payment receipt for subscriptions may show the Odeum name (will depend on the credit card company)
  • If you do not choose to host your Odeum website at your own URL, then you have the option of using yoursite.odeum.io.

How do I get paid?

Each month, you will receive a revenue report right in the Odeum Publisher Dashboard. This will show all the revenue you've received and calculate the Odeum fee deductions. At this time, you will be paid by check within 30 days of the end of each month.

Who built this thing?

Made with love by your good friends at JLOOP.