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Teach nearly anything with your own app.

Join the growing trend. Consumers of all types are hungry for educational content delivered in a modern, professional package. Learning from the living room is more popular than ever, and with Odeum you can deliver a solution on par with companies that have raised hundreds of millions in VC funds. 

Launch your own educational learning app with Odeum and build a sustainable business. As a busy instructor, your business shouldn’t be limited by the number of seats in your classroom. With your branded online channel, you can teach hundreds of subscribers at a time without adding stress to your schedule. You’re not joining a service or sharing space – you’re starting your very own online community.


Focus on what you do best.

Your personalized apps and custom branded website feature all the best parts of your in-class experience. You still connect with students, except there might be thousands around the world instead of just 20 in your classroom. You still offer your unique style and perspective, only now you can teach thousands of classes a week instead of just one a day. Your subscribers will get to know you just like your in-person students.

Become a content guru.

Even if you’ve never recorded yourself before, Odeum will help you every step of the way. You can set your own prices, customize your site and seamlessly distribute your videos across mobile, web, and TV screens. Scale your business with just a few uploads a month.

GuruClass Demo Site

Check out this demo site that might look a bit like another popular site full of video-based courses from experts.  The difference is you could make this one in just few hours without spending a dime.

You focus on content, and we'll take care of the rest.

Record anywhere

With a simple smartphone and tripod, maybe a few lighting sources, you can record your classes in the spaces you already use. Even record the live classes you already teach.


Upload your videos to your Odeum Dashboard from any computer, even on the go. Organize your videos into classes or playlists and make them immediately available. Send out push notifications and emails to your students every time you post.

your very own app

All your students ever see is you. No complicated instructions. Just send them to the App Store.

Make your own MasterClass a reality.

It’s never been easier to launch a digital video channel and make more revenue. Visit our site to learn more about getting started with Odeum today, or join us at an upcoming webinar where we explain our solution in more detail and talk about getting started.

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Why Odeum?

No cap on your class size
Multiply your revenue with each new subscription

Easily adapt your instruction
The classes you already teach make for great content

Keep your real-life classes as they are
No need to raise prices to stay competitive

Monetize your expertise
Set your own pricing and offer coupon codes, free trials, and in-app purchases

You have our full support
We’re committed to your success and standing by to help

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