Broadcasting High School sports LIVE with Odeum

Taking full advantage of the Odeum platform and the new Odeum Live features, San Dieguito HS made live games available to families and raised important funds at the same time.

After a year of waiting, San Dieguito High School was ready to resume athletics programs, with some changes of course. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, spectator capacity was severely limited, and traditional fundraisers like snack bars were off the table. But with Odeum, San Dieguito Athletics engineered a brilliant solution for supporters who couldn’t be there in person.

Thanks to the Beta launch of Odeum Live, SDA started broadcasting basketball games live. Parents and Grandparents can now tune in from the comfort and safety of their homes, and watch games on-demand if they miss tip-off time. Coaches are even making use of the app, too. Teams can use the apps to watch replays and work on their game as they prepare for their next opponent. As a bonus, SDA uses the subscription profits to cover costs like uniforms, buses and referees. 

As SDA Athletics has weathered a difficult year, Odeum has helped them bring athletes and their supporters closer together, improve coaching and readiness, and make up for lost fundraising opportunities. Slam dunk!

San Dieguito Athletics can be found at, and as an app on iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV.

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