Introducing Odeum Live

Odeum Live is now in Beta! With Odeum Live, Publishers can broadcast live streaming video directly to their Odeum-powered website and apps from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night.
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The Odeum team is pleased to announce the release of Odeum Live.  Now in Beta, Odeum Live works across all of your branded apps and on your mobile-friendly website.  Publishers can broadcast on-demand from a mobile phone, computer, or hardware encoder.  

Odeum Live is perfect for live classes, behind-the-scenes subscriber updates, live events, sporting events, and more.  

What’s in the Beta?

During our Beta, the features of Odeum Live are fully-functional, but limited. Odeum Live Beta will allow you to start a new live broadcast on-demand at any time of the day or night, which will automatically publish to the playlist of your choosing. This video will be identified as “LIVE” on the website and in your branded apps, allowing users to watch live.

Shortly after the conclusion of a live broadcast, the Odeum platform will automatically convert your live video into an on-demand video. This video will stay right where it is, and new viewers can watch it at any time. The video will also be available for management in the Odeum Dashboard like any other video, with the ability to change the title, description, thumbnail, etc.

Publishers can also configure the ability to automatically send Push Notifications to alert mobile app users at the start of a new live stream.

App Updates

Apps for all platforms are being updated with improved UX elements related to live. This includes automatic refresh of live playlists, new in-app notifications for live broadcasts, and new indicators for live events throughout the interface. Keep your eye on the Platform Releases article in the Odeum Help Center for updates.


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