Tai Chi at Home reaches a broader audience with Odeum

White Crane Online found a breakthrough in Digital Publishing using Odeum, and have used the Tai Chi at Home app to bring the meditative, enriching power of tai chi to a broader audience than ever before.

Often referred to as “meditation in motion,” tai chi can help students to improve their mobility, flexibility, and balance, as well as their mental wellbeing and sense of focus. Founded in 2018, White Crane Online brings together the professional expertise of Andrew Goddard, a seasoned video producer and marketer, and the martial arts experience of Mark Stevenson, a practitioner of tai chi, qigong, and shibashi for over 20 years.

White Crane Online was already a great way to study the ancient tai chi, but co-founder Andrew explains how Odeum has opened up new opportunities for growth that once seemed far away.

“Having an app for our videos was something we wanted from the very start, but creating a good, stable video streaming app is really expensive,” he says. “We had accepted that we would have to wait until our website generated enough income to cover the tens of thousands of dollars we would need to invest in an app. This was frustrating because we knew an app would open up whole new markets for us, but with no experience with app development, and a high barrier to entry we just parked the idea”.

With Odeum, however, the high upfront costs and headache of building a digital infrastructure are easily avoided, and Andrew and Mark can focus on doing what they do best.

“When I first saw Odeum I felt that this could be the perfect fit for us. Happily I was right. The Odeum platform is simpler to use than a CMS, and it took very little time to get our videos uploaded, marketing pages created and the apps produced. It’s opened up markets, like Roku, that I’d never even thought to explore. The apps themselves are excellent – slick, fast and user friendly”

With Tai Chi at Home, White Crane Online is hoping to make White Crane tai chi accessible to a global audience – and to create a large community of people who can share the benefits of this tremendous art.

Tai Chi at Home is available at taichiapp.com, and as native apps for iPhone, Android, AndroidTV, Apple TV, firetv, and Roku.

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