YouTube Got You Down? Why Creating Your Own Subscription Service Could Be Your Next Move

You don't have to let that big mysterious algorithm be your boss. You can grow your video content brand in a way that's more sustainable, and better for your viewers, with a paid subscription service.
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If you’re a video content creator looking to build your brand, it may feel like YouTube is the only game in town. But you don’t have to let that big mysterious algorithm be your boss. You can grow your video content brand in a way that’s more sustainable, and better for your viewers, with a paid subscription service. Here are a few reasons why.

You Control Monetization

With subscription video, you don’t have to wait to go viral, or get by on a trickle of income after grinding to partner status. Right out of the gate, you can set fair prices and be compensated for your work. Instead of having to game the algorithm by producing overlong, low quality content quickly, you can work at the pace that’s right for your business, and produce content you’ll be proud of. Now the value of each video, the schedule of uploads, and the buy-in for viewers is something you can negotiate directly with your subscribers, instead of a faceless entity.

No ads!

The last thing you want in the middle of your online yoga class is a spiky-haired vlogger telling you you’re minutes away from being an internet millionaire as they show off a rented Ferrari. Whether it’s the next get-rich-quick fad, a confusingly translated mobile game ad, or a survey about which cat food brands you’ve heard of, an ad in the middle of your video is just the worst. And with recent changes to advertising policy, distracting YouTube ads are more numerous and intrusive than ever.

You wouldn’t tolerate being recruited for an obvious pyramid scheme by an over-caffeinated 24-year-old in the middle of your grocery run, or as you’re trying to read a book on a quiet afternoon. Why should viewers of your painstakingly produced content be subjected to the indignity?!

By using a subscription model, you can keep the focus on your content, and improve the experience for subscribers. Instead of inflating video runtimes to allow for more interruptive ads, or reading off ad copy from sponsors, focus on what you do best, and create a better experience for everyone!

Build a Community

The best piece of advice that no one ever follows is “Don’t read the comments”. While YouTube tries to be the 21st century marketplace of ideas, the Athenian Agora this ain’t. The commenting community that can be… less than constructive, and sometimes it feels like unhelpful screeds or copy/pasted spam is just the price of admission for video creators. But with a subscription model, your online community is in your hands. Asking a buy-in from subscribers means having community that is invested in your growth. Whether you want to take video suggestions from curious subscribers, wax philosophical about shared interests, or just bask in a more positive comments section, you won’t regret building your community around a subscription model.

Offer Something More to an Existing Audience

Lastly, if you already have roots in a YouTube audience, you don’t need to abandon your channel. A subscription component to your brand is a great way to complement offerings outside of a paywall. You can use a subscription model to offer exclusive content, create a place for more dedicated members of your community, and bring in more revenue to bolster your paid and free content. A combination of approaches can give you the best of both worlds- the exposure of YouTube with the dependability and professionalism of a subscription model. Find a balance between the approaches that’s right for you!

Get There with Odeum

Enter Odeum, a subscription service that will take your subscription business to a new level. With Odeum, you can go straight to your subscribers wherever they are, with apps for mobile and smart TV devices. You’ll appear in the app store alongside big professional publishers, with a sleek, accessible presentation. If you’re looking for that next step for your video content business, this is it! Check out Odeum today.

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