Control Your Destiny as a Creator: Why Odeum could be right for you

Professional, driven creators are using the subscription video model to carve out their niche online. Could you be next?
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If you’re a video creator, you know that carving out your niche online is tough, and being at the whim of huge platforms and their constantly shifting rules doesn’t make it any easier. More and more, professional, driven creators are using a subscription model to build independence and community online.

But even if you are a working with a subscription model, you know how tough it can be to find the right platform. You want to set out on your own without sacrificing the ubiquity and accessibility of huge video sites, which can feel impossible.

What if you could use a technology platform at the same level as professional publishers like Netflix, without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars? What if you could manage subscriptions and content in one place, with professional branding and killer customer support? 

Enter Odeum, a service platform that will take your subscription business to a new level. With Odeum, you can go straight to your subscribers wherever they are, with apps for mobile and smart TV devices. You’ll appear in the app store alongside big professional publishers, with a sleek, accessible presentation.

Odeum is perfect for small businesses looking to make professional content that reaches a big audience. Fitness instructors, coaching businesses, and creatives have all made a home for their communities using Odeum, and you could be next. Odeum offers quick setup, excellent support for creators and their subscribers, and a growth plan with no cost up-front. There’s never been a better time to invest in yourself as a creator and start your subscription service!

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