Five Essentials for Creating Great Video Content

You're trying to level up your subscription video business, but you're not sure how to get there. Check out these five essentials for great video content to demystify the process.
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Creating a subscription-based video content business can seem like a daunting task, but following these simple principles can demystify the task and translate to huge success. Here are 5 rules to live by when taking your subscription video business to the next level.


Make a schedule and stick to it

Consistency is key in the subscription video world, whether you’re getting out of the gate or trying to keep the crown. Anyone who has started a video business will tell you that deadlines are essential and setting achievable, consistent goals is what turns video production from a hobby to a career. Breaking your passion down into checklist items may seem like no fun, but it will pay huge dividends and keep your audience coming back.


Keep it simple and clean

You may not think of your tool bench, your home gym, or your yoga mat as a movie set, but if you’re using it for video content, it is! Always make sure to keep your videos tidy and clean—that may mean clearing out unnecessary equipment or unrelated projects so that your subject can shine. Take the time to frame things correctly and you’ll have a video that pops, from the thumbnail to the final frame.


Good lighting is a must

You can’t teach someone how to hit the perfect Downward Dog pose if they can’t see you, so make sure you are well lit for all your camera setups. Keep lighting consistent, too, by eliminating unwanted shadows and controlling natural light, especially if you are shooting the same setup at different times of the day. Making sure that your lighting is on point will give your videos clarity and project professionalism. How illuminating!


Do a sound check

Those three little words absolutely no one wants to hear: “I wasn’t recording.” There’s nothing worse than scrapping great footage because your sound was lost or improperly recorded (PLEASE don’t try to rescue it with ADR, trust us). To avoid sound mishaps, adhere to industry standards and always perform a sound check. Even on small sets with little ceremony, this will save your videos and keep you from wasting time with reshoots.


Consistency is key

Imagine this: We stop writing this fantastic list of 5 simple rules for great video content, and instead start talking about the 10 Best Spots for Deep Dish Pizza in the Greater Chicago Area. Confusing, right? Set expectations for your content and then deliver by always thinking of how your individual pieces contribute to your portfolio as a whole. If you want to reinvent yourself, go for it! But be up front about how your home handyman guides will be giving way to lifestyle vlog videos. When your audience knows what they can rely on you for, they’ll reward you with their time and loyalty.

Master the 5 rules, then launch yourself to success with Odeum

Odeum is a technology platform for subscription businesses that helps put you on the same level as professional publishers. With Odeum, you can go straight to your subscribers wherever they are, with apps for mobile and smart TV devices. Odeum is perfect for small businesses looking to make professional content that reaches a big audience. If you have the know-how and dedication, Odeum can help you reach more people than ever!
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