Why Odeum over Uscreen?

There are choices when it comes to supporting your subscription service. Odeum gives you more bang for your buck, and here's why.
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It’s no secret that we think Odeum is great, and if you’re a talented creator, we want to be your SVOD solution. But we know that this isn’t an easy decision, and there are other companies in this space that want your business. In this article, we will outline why you should choose Odeum over our competitor, Uscreen. (We’ll give you a hint: it’s about value!)

With our first-in-the-business growth plan, comprehensive customer support, and the most competitive price on the market for a full suite of apps, Odeum gives creators more bang for their buck than any other service. Let’s find out more!

Give me the works

So, you’re a video creator who’s tired of relying on social media algorithms and fickle advertisers in order to make money, and you’ve decided to create your own subscription service to take control of your destiny as a creator. Your vision: professional branding, killer content, and a whole suite of your apps on marketplaces across all smart devices. You need an OTT service that works for you, and won’t break your bank as you set up your business.

If you check out Uscreen, you’ll see a company that locks their full suite of apps behind a tiered system. Entry-level Uscreen plans offer you a web platform only, with no apps at all. And even when you do pay for the premium plan, each app that add increases the cost of the package. The premium plan with just one mobile app will cost you around $800 per month, and to get the full suite of apps, you’ll have to pay around $2,700 monthly.

At Odeum, we know that your vision for a streaming platform extends beyond just your website. With Odeum, you won’t be splitting your apps up piecemeal, and no matter which plan you choose, you will always get a full suite of apps across all available platforms: iOS, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Fire TV. These beautiful, high quality apps are completely customizable with your branding, company colors, and marketing materials. The apps are listed as yours on all marketplaces, and offer a first class user experience for your customers.

Supporting Your Users

The apps are yours—the content, the branding, and the loyal audience. But when someone hits a snag, we know you’re not an expert on the technology. That’s why our customer support team will always help you and your subscribers out with technical issues. 

Uscreen does offer technical support for end users (your subscribers) as well, but at an added cost, and only as an add-on for their most expensive plan. At Odeum, we don’t think that fielding customer questions about technology that you’re not fully familiar with is how you should be spending your time as a creator. We will always include user support as a part of every plan, to support our creators and help them focus on what really matters—their content and the relationship they have with their audience.

Grow with the Growth Plan

One of the most exciting things that Odeum is offering to creators is our growth plan, where creators can get full access to the Odeum platform with no upfront licensing fees. This plan is great for producers who are just starting out and want to use professional tools and offer a polished product as they grow their business.

As with any Odeum package, customers on the growth plan have the full suite of apps, a website, and customer support that is behind you 100%. When you look to Uscreen, there is simply no comparison to this deal. What we are offering is first in the industry, and we think it’s an opportunity you should strongly consider if you are looking to grow a video subscription business.

By giving great tools to startup producers, supporting creators and subscribers technically, and offering a full suite of apps with every package, we aim to give our customers the best tools possible for the most competitive price. If you want to learn more about Odeum plans, or get in contact with a member of our team, check out more info here. We know that you have a choice in who you do business with, and we appreciate your time and attention. Let’s make something great together!

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