How Subscription Video Can Help Your In-Person Business

A yogi stretches into new markets with Odeum, and shows how you can do the same!

A yogi stretches into new markets with Odeum

Hana runs a small yoga business, where she teaches classes in person, five days a week. After building a loyal community in the past few years, she’s wondering about next steps. She knows that online video is a big part of the future of the yoga business, but she’s not exactly sure how she, specifically, can use it to her benefit. Trying to go viral isn’t really her style, and giving away great classes for free on big platforms doesn’t seem smart. She’s not sure how she could manage a subscription system, or pay for a custom application that might cost her tens of thousands. 

Just when she’s about to push the thought of online video out of her mind, Hana discovers Odeum- an OTT platform for creators great and small. Odeum helps anyone create a sophisticated subscription video business, with all the tools to help you distribute video across multiple platforms with fully customized branded apps. Let’s see how Odeum can help Hana’s yoga business- and how it might help your business, too.

Expanding your reach: A bigger brand presence

Hana rents a small space, where she teaches 1 to 2 classes per day, usually to 10 or 12 people. With a subscription video component as part of her existing business, she can bring a lot more people into the virtual studio. She gets to work on her subscription offerings by shooting a few different classes; There is some mellower recovery-focused yoga, as well as more intensive core workouts. Pretty soon, her library is robust and varied, offering a little something for everyone. Using her apps on iOS, Android phones and tablets, and Smart TV marketplaces, students can access her content anywhere.

Locals who discover Hana’s classes online can come into the studio if they like, and distant students can take classes they would never otherwise be able to. With a bigger presence online, Hana now has a separate stream of income that also serves as a great marketing tool for her in-person offerings.

Strengthening Bonds: More Opportunities for Customer Engagement

Hana records video lessons at the yoga studio on days when she doesn’t teach, using her normal classroom setup with some small lighting adjustments. It’s a great way to film inexpensively without paying extra for space, but it also creates a consistent look and feel between her in-person classes and her online content. Hana’s regular students appreciate this consistency, and a good number of them who come in weekly have opted to subscribe to Hana’s lessons online. They can keep up their yoga practice on off days, or try to master difficult poses for the next time they take a challenging class. It’s convenient for students, and Hana reaps the benefits of offering more paid opportunities for student engagement.

How will you boost your business?

Hana didn’t have to make huge adjustments to her life or spend thousands of dollars to create a high quality subscription video component to her business. She focused on her business’s mission, learned some basic shooting and editing, and relied on Odeum for distribution and subscription management. Now she has a completely new wing of her business that serves her vision and brings in money to support both in-person and online operations. Could your business be the next to take advantage of this strategy? Check out Odeum pricing plans to learn more about what it takes to get started.

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