Choosing the Face of your Business- Who Should Be In Front of the Camera?

Every video brand needs a welcoming face. Check out these tips on how to pick the right person to put in front of the camera for your subscription video business!

So you’ve decided to launch a subscription video vertical for your small business- congratulations! Now it’s time to make decisions on how you’ll get this done. You’ve made plans for your lighting and camera set-up, you’ve worked out a shoot location, and now you need to put someone in front of the camera to actually shoot the content! Who should this person be? Is it you, the business owner? The passionate youngster on your team? Your cousin who looks like Elvis? It may be a bit of a daunting decision, but there are criteria you can look for when decide who should be the face of your business online.

Communication Skills

The first inclination many people have is to put the most experienced and skilled member of their team forward. This may indeed be the best person for the job, but more than expertise, it’s most important that your on-camera talent be someone who finds joy in communicating with others, and who can get their message across in a down-to-earth, empathetic manner. Think of great television hosts of the past- they may not be the greatest actors or funniest comedians of their generation, but they were so successful because they cultivated the skill of hosting- setting expectations for the show, being personable and inviting, and, in a broader sense, taking care of the audience. It’s important that your on-camera “host” be someone who can present your content with a sense of fun and with the understanding that not all audience members will be as knowledgeable as they are.

Patience and Determination

Shooting a video can take a long time- there will be many takes and many mistakes. Lighting will have to be moved around, cameras will need to be checked and rechecked, and your talent will need to settle into their performance before they get it completely right. You need someone who can roll with the punches and master the film set art of “Hurry up and Wait”. Anyone who steps in front of the camera will need to have a positive attitude and the determination to get things right- even when they take a while.

Confidence and Eagerness

Nothing grinds a production to a halt faster than on-camera talent who doesn’t want to be there. Ensuring that the face of your channel is excited to take part, and confident in their abilities goes a long way. Someone who is up for the challenge and excited by the opportunity is someone who can grow in the role and who will always strive to improve. Relying on an experienced pro who isn’t passionate about the content may get you a few good videos, but it won’t grow your brand or inspire your audience. Investing in someone who is excited about your company is never a mistake.

Grow with Odeum

Once you’ve found your on-camera talent, it’s time to call “action” and get to work. Share your talent and expertise with the world! To get your content in front of as many people as possible, consider Odeum, a complete solution for video distribution and subscription management. Reach your subscribers across all platforms- mobile, tablet, smart TV and web, and reap the benefits. Learn more about pricing here, and get ready to roll!

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