Build From the Ground Up: Bootstrap Your New Business With a Subscription Service

You want to turn your passion into a real small business- and a subscription video service can help you get there.
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You have a passion, and you figure it’s about time it took center stage in your life. Maybe it’s been your dream for a long time, or maybe it’s something of a surprise, but you have become an entrepreneur! The possibilities before you are limitless, which is a great thing- but it can also be a little bit of a problem. With so many paths before you, how do you choose the right one? Well, here’s a pitch: Kick your new business into gear with a subscription service! We’re not just throwing this out there- subscription video businesses are a great way to establish a predictable income doing something you love. You can build community, grow organically, and build skills that will serve you for a lifetime. Here are some tips to succeed using the subscription model.

Consistent marketing / branding

Marketing is an essential pillar of your small business success plan, and deciding on a marketing voice and brand identity is essential for your growth. This may sound daunting, but can actually be one of the most fun and rewarding parts of starting your business. Marketing is an excellent opportunity for you to show your personality and passion, and make appeals directly to your desired audience. Try to speak from the heart, and let your passion for what you do shine through! More than any posting schedule or engagement quotas, you’ll be judged for your authenticity, and how you stand out from the crowd.

Invest in good design

Your production design and the aesthetics of your video content will be an important extension of your brand identity. Innovating in this area is a great opportunity for you to project professionalism and entice viewers for relatively little money. What can you decorate your frame with to show that you are serious, passionate and fun? What can you take away from your frame to eliminate distractions and present your content in an elegant way? Answering these questions thoughtfully and getting creative with the look of your videos will yield huge results.

Build organically through subscription

The epic highs and lows of viral fame are not a dependable way to build a career. You could post in obscurity for years on huge platforms like youtube only to have a video or two take off to garner millions of views. You might have your moment in the spotlight only to be discarded the next day as the algorithm moves on to the next shiny object. Subscription video allows you to grow an audience more steadily and predictably. You’ll start small, but with a commitment to growing your content library, and a dedication to consistent uploads, you will see results. Just keep listening to your audience and trying to improve upon your methods, and you’ll build a high-tech business the old-fashioned way- through customer loyalty and a reputation for excellence!

Keep overhead low

Many of the tools you need to shoot great video are already at your disposal, or can be acquired for very little money. It doesn’t cost much for a tripod, a microphone, or a modest lighting setup, and if you find yourself strapped for cash, you can fudge some of it at first (many great filmmakers started out by improvising with floor lamps, we’ve heard). The real money saver is your smartphone. Professional cameras can cost thousands of dollars, but your smartphone can shoot staggeringly great video if it’s given the right assist. Keeping the camera still on a tripod or other shooting rig, and making sure your location is well-lit can help you achieve picture quality with a smartphone you might have never thought possible.

Once you’re past the actual shoot, there are other costs you need to consider, too. How will you distribute your video, and what will you use for your subscription infrastructure? That’s where Odeum comes in. Odeum is a full-service OTT platform that can put your content out on all platforms, across mobile, tablet, and smart TV marketplaces, as well as the web. Odeum gives you state-of-the-art, easy-to-use tools to manage your content and your subscriptions, all for a fantastic price. We offer more bang for your buck than anyone in the industry, and our growth plan could be the perfect option for you if you’re looking to start with no upfront investment. Check out our plans here to see what path is right for you!

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