Is a Bigger Audience Really Better?

You don't have to play the viral fame game to bring your business online and use streaming video to your advantage.
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In the world of online video, one metric has become synonymous with success- views. Viral content has a bigger audience than ever, and it’s only growing- fueling the careers of a new generation of superstars. Online creators have turned into overnight celebrities that are now mentioned alongside famous Hollywood stars and other more “traditional” celebrities. These video makers are usually young, loud, and unapologetic. They are artists of the algorithm, masterfully inserting themselves into public feuds and lightning-fast trends and memes across social platforms. This is all well and good if you’re an ultra-cool teenager, but everyone else might be wondering how they can ever expect to make money in the online video world. The truth is, you can build a web video business without obsessively monitoring social media algorithms and chasing short-lived trends. You don’t have to play the game of viral fame to bring your business online and use streaming video to your advantage. And while you always want your content to be seen by your audience, you don’t have to live and die by the number of views you get on any one video.

The Subscription Video Model

With your own online subscription service, you can focus on building a deeper relationship with your audience instead of constantly reaching for a wider pool of viewers. This may sound antithetical to the dominant ethos of the modern internet video environment, but a bigger audience is not always better. Growing a community organically, over time, can yield more dependable revenue and forge stronger relationships than competing for air time with social media stars on platforms that they strengthen their hold on every day.

Creating a library of quality content and updating it consistently, with paid admission, helps you to build a community atmosphere and connect directly with people who care about what you make. You can focus on making content that truly matters to you and your audience, instead of being at the mercy of fickle algorithms that may carry your content to the top one day, and then completely abandon you the next. A smaller, more exclusive audience is one that’s also more interested in seeing you grow. They’ll give better, more constructive feedback and rejoice in your successes along with you.

The business of web video doesn’t have to be an impersonal, calculated journey into a hostile landscape. It’s something you can do on your own terms, bringing out the best in your business and building a community around what you make. With Odeum, you can build your own video subscription service, and get started on creating your new online community. Check out our pricing plans here!

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